Since 2008, The American Friendship Foundation (AFF) has played a key role in the development of a physical therapy clinic in southern Morocco.  The AFF partners with an international humanitarian aid organization and a local association for the disabled to bring help to children who need it most.

Cerebral Palsy is a major cause of disability in the and thousands of children suffer from its effects. Cerebral Palsy describes a group of disorders that affect muscle movement control. Cerebral Palsy results from injuries to the child’s brain during birth, from a brain infection (bacterial meningitis, viral encephalitis) or from a head injury.

Many of these children come from the poorest segment of the population and have limited access to competent medical care.  Early intervention in the form of physical therapy can greatly improve the lives of these children, helping them to develop muscle movement, strength and motor skills in limbs that would otherwise atrophy. Since early 2008, the AFF has helped to provide physical therapy to over 100 children and practical help to their families twice weekly. Parents have been trained in the best care for their children and the kids are making great improvements. We thank you for your gifts towards this life changing project.

The Next Stage

The success of the project has caused the small location where the clinic began to become overcrowded and unsuitable for future growth.  At this moment over 30 children are on a waiting list and are unable to get treatment due to the limited space.  The local government has noticed how effective the clinic is in reaching the needs of the community.  The city council recently voted to give the clinic free use of new location in the center of town.  This new location will allow the clinic to serve every child that is currently on the waiting list.  It will be more accessible for the families who benefit from the clinic and it is also rent free.

Renovations will be required to turn the large space the clinic has been given into a Physical Therapy Center. Today, The American Friendship Foundation is seeking partners to cover the costs of the renovation of this new location. $15,000 is required to make renovations, purchase materials and expand the scope of the clinic.  The transformation will require structural, electrical and plumbing changes. Additional and updated equipment is also required as the clinic seeks to serve even more children and to meet more of their needs.


AFF strategy is to sponsor a community clinic providing physical therapy, family training and support for these children and families. An integral part of the program is for the family to be educated on Cerebral Palsy. A family caregiver is required to attend all of the sessions, learn the basic exercises, and continue therapy at home. The clinic also provides employment for six Moroccan women who have been trained in physical therapy in a country where unemployment rates are high. An important component of this project is to work alongside a Moroccan association of handicapped people to assist their efforts in helping the Moroccan people.