Administrative & General Fund

AFF Administrative Fund

AFF goal is to send 100% of your gift to support your designated Project Fund.  AFF has succeeded in reaching this goal. To date AFF has sent 100% of all designated project funds to the project.

AFF pays for fundraising, domestic administrative costs, and even covers credit card transaction costs with gifts specifically designated for AFF’s Administrative Fund. We need and appreciate gifts to this Administrative Fund to pay the bills so that 100% of gifts designated for a Project will go to that Project.

Administrative costs include web site costs, legal fees, accounting costs, computer hardware & software, postage, publications, translation costs, NGO government fees and other general administrative costs. Administrative funds are also used to cover travel costs for AFF representative to review AFF projects, audit the use of AFF funds, meet and encourage AFF Project Managers and evaluate new project opportunities.

AFF does not have a paid staff; all AFF International Project Managers are independent workers and not employees. Most AFF administrative support is done on a volunteer basis and all AFF Bard members volunteer their time.

AFF General Project Fund

AFF has a General Project Fund, if you chose to give to this Fund AFF will allocate 100% of your gift toward the Project in most need of funding at that time. Your gift will go to help the poorest and neediest around the world.

Your gift will with people in developing countries to address the root causes of poverty in their community and not just the symptoms of poverty. AFF focuses on projects in the categories listed below:

  • Clean Water — Fresh water wells and agricultural training
  • Education — Building schools, teacher’s salaries, school supplies and student meals
  • Healthcare — Visiting doctors, field medical clinics and basic health care instruction
  • Economic Development — Micro loans and vocational job skills training