In the Indore area of Central India there are 12 leper colonies.  The people living in these communities are sweet-spirited hard-working people that have been hit with a disease that is crippling physically and that has taken away their ability to live a normal community life.  Even though the disease is treatable and is in remission they are still shunned by society and their only options are to beg or farm to survive.

They have been granted the land that they live on by the government, but must actively maintain the land or lose it. Men, women, and  children work the fields. They are committed to not begging on the street so therefore they plant and harvest in order to eat and survive.

A tractor would greatly ease the back-breaking work of plowing and preparing the soil of the 12 colonies in the Indore area. It would provide the opportunity to grow more crops and to increase productivity in order to provide for the entire leper community.

The Kharwakala Children’s Home houses orphans, children of lepers and children at high risk from all around Indore.  It is a safe home for children who have no home to go to.  These children lack many things but one key item is that the boys dorm  needs a bathroom facility.

In conjunction with committed partners in India, you can help provide this tractor and build this bathroom. The estimated total for these projects is $25,000. Would you please consider contributing to these pressing needs?

Thank you for your support of these people school.  AFF’s commitment is that 100% of your gift will be sent to the Indore project.   AFF is 100% volunteer managed and run.