In Afghanistan, two of the most deadly health risks are unsafe water and inadequate sanitation. Responding to these problems in 2002, AFF began a partnership with an Afghan NGO to construct wells with clean drinking water in many communities in Central Asia. AFF has helped establish water wells to 105 villages supporting over 150,000 people.

A staggering 25% of children die before reaching their 5th birthday, primarily from diarrhea and acute respiratory infections. Throughout Afghanistan, only 30% of the rural population has a sustainable supply of safe water, while just 29% have the dignity and privacy of a place to use the bathroom (UNICEF).

Giving Supports things like these:

  • $500/month – Hygiene Education Director to contextualize and prepare training materials, conduct trainings, and monitor the community trainers as they give lessons at the village level
  • $350/month – Lead Driller
  • $200/month – Driller Assistant
  • $200/month – Driver to transport staff, trainers, and drilling machine
  • $75-100/month for vehicle repairs because Afghanistan’s roads are particularly harsh

One-time giving supports these types of efforts:

  • $10,000 – Purchase of drilling machines and associated tools & replacement parts
  • $2000 – $4000 – Per borehole, covers the cost of drilling materials, cement pad and drainage channel, transport to and from the drilling sites, etc.
  • $1000 – Per training session in modules such as cable tool drilling and hand pump repair, covers cost of material prep, translation and duplication, meals and transport for trainees, oral translation
  • $100 – Each set of simple tools for repairing locally used hand pumps.