Papilio (, a non-profit organization committed to combating sex trafficking in Spain, collaborates with local relief agencies, NGOs, and the Spanish government to engage directly with women who have fallen victim to trafficking through deception. The team works tirelessly on the frontlines, partnering with entities like the Red Cross to provide comfort, humanitarian aid, and love to women of all ages involved in the sex industry.

Papilio team volunteers build relationships with women, club owners, and brothel owners, interacting with them by offering clothing, hot chocolate, hygiene packs, hugs, and comforting words. The organization’s name, Papilio, meaning butterfly in Latin, symbolizes the founders’ vision of freedom for all, emphasizing the beautiful potential inherent in each woman.

Beyond their street-level interventions, Papilio collaborates with local municipalities to provide anti-trafficking education in high schools and raise awareness in communities. Despite recognizing the enormity of the sex trafficking issue, Papilio’s volunteers find hope and motivation in the knowledge that they have made a tangible difference in the lives of individuals, one person at a time.

To sustain their impactful work, Papilio relies on support from the American Friendship Foundation to manage their bookkeeping, receive all donations, and distribute 100% of those funds to our counterparts in Spain. Financial resources are crucial for acquiring supplies, facilitating rescues, and supporting women in aftercare programs.

For more information, contact Papilio U.S. Representative,
Konnie Drews, at