During our October 2016 trip to Haiti, we had a chance to sit down with our friend Déluc Silar and find out how things are going at the Ororaedh Orphanage.

One of the things that we absolutely love about Silar, and a big reason that we wholeheartedly support his program, is how much he loves his kids. He needs to… there are 70 of them living in his house!  Silar and his wife have made it their life’s work to take in abandoned and orphaned kids, love them, feed them, protect them, and educate them.

Silar took a big leap of faith when he decided to serve as a father to seventy kids.  We are looking for people who can help support his work with a recurring monthly gift to cover the costs of feeding, clothing, educating, and caring for all of these kids.

When you donate to the American Friendship Foundation, 100% of your donation goes direct to the project. We don’t have any employees in the United States, just a dedicated group of volunteers.


People who work for Microsoft, Boeing, and other companies that match donations are encouraged to leverage those funds with their recurring gift.  Search for “American Friendship Foundation” and “Ororaedh Orphanage” to find our listing.

Many of you reading this post have met Déluc Silar and visited his home. He is an inspiration for anyone having one of those “overwhelmed parent” moments!  More importantly, he is a great example of the Haitians we work with who love their country and are working tirelessly and selflessly to give it a better future.