We were very excited to receive a letter from Dr. Edouard Bordes this week with a progress report from Canaan, Haiti.

Dr. Bordes manages the Canaan Medical Clinic, one of the key projects supported by the American Friendship Foundation. The clinic an isolated community of approximately 200,000 residents that were moved to the area following the massive earthquake in 2010. The clinic has been working to build out a new Operating Room to help handle the increase baby deliveries, C-sections, and other much needed medical care. The AFF and other organizations helped to deliver a round of funding for the clinic in June that is bringing that vision closer and closer to being a reality.

In the update from Dr. Bordes, we learned that workers spent the past several weeks installing plumbing and wiring the new facility for electricity. This work is in preparation for laying the concrete and ceramic tile in the Operating Room. Here are some pictures of the project direct from Dr. Bordes:

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The next phase of the project is to purchase the sand and cement that will be used to along with the ceramic.

If you would like to donate to this medical clinic in Canaan. Dr. Bordes is working tirelessly to see as many patients as possible, manage the clinic, and oversee construction of this new operating room.  We trust him and know that he is a good steward of the resources you are able to share.

Thank you for being on this journey with us as we support this new operating room for the community of Canaan in Haiti.