The civil war in Syria has sharply divided the country multiple ways, the four main groups are:

  • Assad’s Shia government backed by Shia states.
  • Syrian Sunni Arabs, the largest demographic in Syria, rebels against Assad’s Shia government.
  • ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) Sunnis whose goal is to create an Islamic state,
  • Kurdish people who are an ethnic minority in northern Syria and Iraq.

Civilians always suffer in war, but Syria’s people have suffered especially. Assad targets Sunni people ruthlessly with bombs and even chemical weapons. ISIS and other groups, when they take over towns, put the people under brutal rule, with rape and murder.  The fighting has left entire neighborhoods and towns destroyed.  Syrian Christians make up 10% of the population are being brutally targeted and persecuted by ISIS and other forces and driven from the country.

About 250,000 people have been killed in Syria and half of the country’s 23 Million population has been displaced, with 4 million fleeing as refugees.

This has created a modern day Exodus as these millions of people try to get to Europe by crossing from Turkey to Greece, creating a chaotic situation and a human tragedy with no parallel in history.  refugees_lesvos_web-thumb-largeRefugee camps have been created in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and now in many other places in Europe.

Thousands are asking for asylum in some of the European countries. Many of these countries have their own economic crises and are rejecting the refugees which is creating tension that puts more stress on people who have already lost everything.

NGOs are working with governments to try and provide basic care for those people.  But the massive influx of people is overloading all attempts to help.  Your Support is needed.

refugeesAFF will join with dedicated workers and NGOs working in Austria, Spain and Jordan to try to provide care and assistance to these people fleeing to Europe.

Partner with us to address this human catastrophe.  AFF’s commitment to you is that 100% of the funds you give will be delivered to help these people. There is nothing taken out for Administrative purposes.

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