AFF was approached by Phil Goodman who had visited the remote Walikitang region of Nicaragua and saw that due to a lack of shoes the children had parasites from walking in the mud with the dogs and pigs. He asked AFF to sponsor him as he asked CROCS to donate shoes to this project and assitst him with the logistics of getting the shoes to the children. CROCS came thru with 2,000 pairs of bright yellow, red and blue shoes that are perfect for this wet Nicaraguan climate.

CROCS Delivered

We then needed to raise the funds to ship the container of CROCS to Nicaragua, cover legal fees, deal with import challenges and rent the dugout canoes to deliver the shoes up river to this remote village. A number of donors supported this project and this first delivery was a great success and we look forward to further partnership and the delivery of shoes to the next village.

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