Looking for a Caribbean getaway this summer? ūüôā

AFF is piloting a Creative Camp and Teaching Workshop this July and is looking for 5-10 volunteers to join us for one week in Haiti.

The Experience

In the months leading up to the trip, we are going to help each volunteer plan out several of the activities that our kids will experience at Creative Camp. ¬†These activities can involve engineering, art, acting, team problem solving, and other creative endeavors. ¬†Don’t have a clue where to start? Don’t worry! We’ll provide a framework and give you all of the assistance you need. ¬†Our intent is for you to be an owner in this project.

The day before Creative Camp, with the help of some wonderful translators, you’ll have a chance to lead our 15 Haitian teachers in the exercises you develop and teach them how to administer the activity for the kids.

At the actual Creative Camp, the Haitian teachers will lead most of the activities. Partnered with a translator, your job is going to be spend time with the kids, acknowledge their work, give them attention, and encourage them. We’ll also have plenty of “recess” time scheduled in so you might want to brush up on your nail polish¬†and soccer skills!

On the final days, we are going to really turn our attention towards the teachers. We want to hear from our Haitian teachers on their experiences in creative learning, provide them with excellent training that they can use in their classrooms, and acknowledge all of the hard work that they pour into their students.

Who We Need

We won’t lie… we would love to have as many teachers as possible joining us on this trip! That being said, we look forward to bringing a diverse set of skills together and leveraging whatever you’ve got to offer. If you have a heart to serve, you are welcome to join us. Nurses, business gurus, software engineers, stay-at-home moms… you all have skills that would strengthen our team.

The only restriction we have is that volunteers on this trip must be 18 years or older.

Schedule (subject to change)

The trip is tentatively scheduled for July 15-23, so plan to miss one week of work.  We expect the schedule to lay out as follows:

  • Saturday, July 15 – Depart from Seattle in the evening for a red-eye flight to Miami
  • Sunday, July 16 – Arrive in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. ¬†Spend the afternoon resting from the trip and preparing our supplies for the next day.
  • Monday, July 17 – Meet Pastor Silar and tour his orphanage and school where we will be hosting the event. ¬†Work with teachers so they are comfortable facilitating all of the activities.
  • Tuesday, July 18 and Wednesday, July 19 – Creative Camp is in session for 150-200 kids from J Nissi School and Ororaedh Orphanage.
  • Thursday, July 20 and Friday, July 21 – Workshop with the teachers on creative learning techniques they can use in the classroom. Teacher appreciation event.
  • Saturday, July 22 – Volunteer team winding down¬†day… we really do intend to take you¬†to a Caribbean beach!
  • Sunday, July 23 – Flight back to Seattle, arriving later in the evening.

All that being said, things have a tendency to change in¬†Haiti, so we’ll stay flexible and let our story evolve as it needs to.

Estimated Trip Costs

We estimate the trip costs for the 8-day trip to be $2,000. That includes airfare, lodging, food, baggage fees, ground transportation, vaccinations, and our Haitian Vacation day.

Even if you can afford this trip out-of-pocket, it is highly recommended that you work with friends, families, and connections to raise the funds.  A trip like this is all about getting as many people involved as possible and sharing the story. We will provide our attendees with ideas and tools to raise funds if this is a new experience for you.


The plan at this point is to stay at Hibiscus Guest House in Port-au-Prince. This is a large house in a gated community that we have used on numerous (15+) trips to Haiti.

The house serves a delicious breakfast and dinner every day as part of the $50/night lodging fee. ¬†The food is primarily American fare to keep everyone on a similar digestive track to what they’re used to!

Hibiscus Guest House has a WIFI connection and US telephone service so you can stay connected with friends and family while away.


The organizer for this trip is Kris Neese.  Feel free to send your questions to krisn@affhope.org.