Life is a struggle in Cambodia at the best of times.  During the dry season the land is scorched, and covered with cracks.  Dust fills the air, and water becomes scarce.  Women and children must carry water from ever more distant sources.  And then the rainy season comes.  The wells and ponds are replenished.  The rice fields are lush, and the gardens no longer need to be watered by hand.


But life has played a cruel joke on Cambodia this year.  Too much rain, way too much rain – causing wide spread flooding, leaving desolation and destruction in its wake.   The goal of Cambodian Hope Organization (CHO) is to be self sustaining.  To raise the crops and live stock necessary to feed the children housed at Safe Haven, and perhaps sell the remaining.  For a year they have labored: to plant their first rice crop, to harvest their first garden, to raise their own fish, chicken and eggs.

And now it is gone.  Washed away.  Can you help?  Would you help CHO feed these children until another crop can be planted?  Help them replace the seed?  Help them restock the fish pond and the chicken coop?

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