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In 2002, Julia Bolz founded “Journey with an Afghan School.” For the past three years, it was a project of AFF.  Beginning in November, 2009, “Journey with an Afghan School” moved to a new home – Ayni Education International (AEI), an international nonprofit that is directed by Julia.  For more information about “Journey with an Afghan School” or AEI, please go to or contact .


During the Taliban era, girls and women were denied access to healthcare, employment, and education. Families often risked everything to protect teachers and teach girls in their home.  Education and economic opportunity are key to eliminating poverty, oppression and the root causes of terrorism. Afghan leaders have consistently put education at the top of their priority list. Julia heard the plea and saw the need first hand, and has devoted her life to raising funds and building schools for the children of Afghanistan.


Working with the Afghan government, Juliaand AEI are building schools, digging wells, providing school equipment, supplies, teaching materials and training.  They need your help to finish this work. Your support is not just building schools; you are helping re-build Afghanistan and breakdown misunderstandings and misconceptions between our countries.

Please go to to find out more and to directly support this project.

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