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Merry Christmas from the kids and staff of J Nissi School

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School in Haiti

School in Haiti

A letter from Jeff and Terry Clark:

As we enter the 7th year working in Haiti, we are humbled by the gifts this journey has provided.

Thank you to the many who served with us in Haiti. Thank you to those who supported us during the many challenging times and all who give financial support so Windy’s dream can live.

I ask you each to take a moment, close your eyes, remember one mental picture while you were in Haiti, or one story someone shared with you or a photo seen from a friend. Take this moment and give thanks for the gift Haiti has provided. This I believe is one expression of the joy of Christmas.

Not silver or gold, but the heartbeat of a community that had no hope but now has a little white school building where today hope lives and tomorrow’s dreams fulfilled. Today will be better than the past.

Windy inspired us with his faith, passion and joy. He often said “don’t let fear keep you from doing what you need to do”.

Windy chose the school’s name (J Nissi) from Exodus 17:15. It means, “The Lord is my Banner”, and references a great battle against the Amalekites.  During the battle, when Moses held his hands high the battle went well. When he tired and his hands dropped, the battle went against him. During the times that Moses got tired those by his side lifted his arms as a sign of unity and support.

Windy taught us to lift the arms of the community in Cité Soleil, battling violence, disease and starvation.

Windy himself died 4 years ago at 28 with lymphoma. We will carry on his dream.

Thank you for your continued support through AFF, on behalf of the kids of J Nissi School.

Jeff and Terry Clark

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