Kathonzweni region of Kenya

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For 25 years, All for KIDZ, Inc. has been producing innovative character education programs for elementary schools in the US, Can, UK, AU and NZ. In 2015, the All for KIDZ creative team developed a new program to inspire kids to be kind, compassionate and empathetic to others both near and far. The new assembly, “Kindness Adventure” takes the school kids on a global adventure to learn more about the character and culture of kids in Kenya. During the interactive program, they meet Principal Anne Odhiambo and her students at Bidii Primary School in Nairobi. Our performers share about the Kenyan water crisis and  everyone learns more about being kind-hearted and caring to others. We invite you to learn how you can help bring clean water to a very special village in Kenya: Principal Anne’s childhood home.


Principal Anne and students at Bidii Primary School

After the Kindness Adventure assembly visits a school, students may purchase handcrafted items from Kenya. In addition to supporting the artisans, All for KIDZ designates a small portion of the sale to help bring clean water to the kids in Kenya. In the 2016-17 school year, they drilled a well and installed a pump in a Maasai village near Kajiado. To read the story about this completed project, visit  www.kindnessadventure.com/water.html

Anne tracing her childhood steps to bring water back to her family. Unfortunately, this riverbed has been dry since 1983.

For the 2017-18 school year, All for KIDZ is raising funds for their 2nd well project: The Kathonzweni Well.  The goal is to drill and build a clean water well in the childhood village of Principal Anne from Bidii Primary School. Anne shared her childhood memories of walking more than an hour each morning and evening to bring water to her family. She was painfully reminded of how difficult this task was for her as a child; leaving indents in her forehead from the rope and heavy weight of the water.

The nearest water supply was an hour walk away and the water was not very clean. Many in her village still die from the many diseases carried by dirty water. Having a very limited supply of water impacts the villager’s ability to care for their families, grow crops, feed animals, and earn a living.

The dirty water is in limited supply and shared with animals

The dirty water is in limited supply and shared with animals

Tears filled Anne’s eyes as she shared that even today, the kids in this village must walk and carry water every morning and evening, just as she did 40 years ago. The nearby riverbed dried up many years ago and they must walk even further.

All for KIDZ recently met with the city elders to share the goal of bringing fresh water to Anne’s home village. They were most receptive to having our help with placing a well in their community.

Meeting with the city elders in Anne’s home village

Because of the Kindness Adventure’s Pay-It-Forward sale, kids across the United States are helping raise funds to install this well. However, this community has 20,000 people and they need more than a basic pump handle well. They need solar panels to power the pump and lift the water into raised tanks for a much greater yield of water to the community. Please join us, and thousands of kids in bringing clean water to kids in Kenya.  This project will cost about US $30,000. Your donations can make a big difference for kids in Kenya.

The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya endorses the Kindness Adventure Assembly

We are currently raising funds and plan to install this new well during the 2017-18 school year. We have already identified the best location where deep down, several fault lines cross each other and water collects. Because of the size of this community, we hope to improve the basic pump handle well by installing solar panels to power a pump for lifting the water into a raised tank for a much greater yield of water to the community.

The well drilling in November 2017 was a success, now on to our next project.








To learn more about All for KIDZ and the Kindness Adventure, visit http://www.kindnessadventure.com/
Donate  Even small donations can make a big difference for kids in Kenya.