AFF partners with Project Managers who will work directly with the people in the community to develop programs or manage projects that address the root causes of poverty and not just the symptoms of poverty.  Some of our Project Managers are listed below:

Jeff Clark – AFF Project Manager


Hilario Pardo – AFF Project Manager

Hilario Pardo has been involved with and managed many AFF Projects from Haiti, India, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Morocco and other locations.


Konnie Drews – AFF Project Manager


Kris Neese – AFF Project Manager

Randal Pinney – AFF Project Manager 

Randal Pinney has managed many AFF Projects, and been involved with all AFF Projects and programs. Randal strongly believes that every child needs access to clean water, education, healthcare and a safe place sleep, and he has been working to help make that happen for children from Seattle to Haiti to Morocco to Afghanistan to India and Nepal. Randy is actively involved with searching out new projects and working with the “entrepreneurial” individuals who are looking for assistance in making their passion to help others become a reality.